Johnnie Walker Platinum Label

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label

Now if you don't know anything about the previous "colours" of the Johnnie Walker range then you really should get onto trying those before you open this crackerjack.


The Shot

One of the lovely thing about Platinum Label is the pleasant aroma it gives off unlike what Green Label was like. But it's good to know that they aren't exactly alike. We get to expect something new and different here and we're all for that. Tasting the shot of this platinum liquid, you are immediately hit with the spicy flavours that delve within the largely cased bottle. It burns the tongue and it will hang around for days. I wouldn't say that it is hard to drink. That is, it's not strong but the spicy flavour was quite intense for us at With Coke.


The Bar Test

Adding coke to this spicy scotch almost changes the flavour completely. In a good way. It removes the sweetness of the coke and provides a drink that is incredibly smooth and easy to enjoy. Each of us loved trying this. Swallowing this will also leave behind a strong pepper taste. It works. It's great. I say definitely give it a go if you have the chance.



Fully aware I have just told you to give the bar test a go; Platinum Label scotch is more expensive than it's predecessors. So I say if you looking to treat yourself or if you're celebrating something important, go ahead and buy yourself some of this. Have it with coke. It's smooth and an absolute delight. However, I would say to avoid having this neat unless you are a true Johnnie Walker scotch drinker who might enjoy a spicy taste.



1. Smell spicy, taste nutty and it won't leave your taste buds until you taste something else. Nothing special here. 

2. Same spicy smell and taste at this point. It's better than earlier but has a bitter aftertaste. Goes alright.

3. Can taste more coke here than scotch. Nutty taste is still present but that's it.

4. Smells like coke at a 4:1 ratio. I know, surprising right? Taste like vanilla coke though! I would avoid buying yourself a bottle of Platinum Label to test this yourself. Definitely not worth it for the price.



$125 per 750ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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