Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

The most prestigious of the Johnnie Walker colour range and perhaps the most well known super-premium blended scotch. The apex of the Johnnie family is recommended to be enjoyed neat, with an accompanying glass of iced water and by sipping each alternatively. Here at withcoke we don't follow fancy drink stereotypes, we do what we want. Let's find out how the infamous Johnnie Walker Blue goes down with coke.


The Shot

This is the way blue label is most commonly enjoyed, neat. To start, upon sniffing this beautiful liquid you'll be hit with a wonderfully sweet, fruity scent. It is quite beautiful to experience first hand and definitely worth just breathing in for a little bit before you dive in and have a taste. From the moment it passes your lips and touches your taste buds, you know you have found yourself a quality beverage and you are most definitely in for a treat. The first impression you'll get is legitimately sweet from the get go, with none of that alcohol burn you may expect to see whatsoever. Over the complete duration of the experience, Johnnie Blue satisfies you with an exorbitant smoothness. Though to the untrained palate the end may be considered a little harsh, but only for a moment, before continuing to grace you with pleasure and a gentle, but lingering and lovely aftertaste. If we had to name flavours that we could taste, we would say: fruitiness - perhaps like an orange, honey and a bit of a smokey oak edge, with a little spice on the way down.


The Bar Test

This is the part most scotch lovers will look at with a little bit of distain, with the idea that we may be ruining a wonderful and expensive scotch by diluting it with coke and though they may be right in thinking so especially with the stigma that expensive whiskies should be enjoyed neat or on ice, by golly they should give blue label and coke a try. Each one of us said the exact same thing after trying it: "Holy sh*t, that is really f*cken nice!" and there's really no better way to describe it. You'll probably say the same thing if you try it! Another positive note for blue label and coke was it was empty mere moments after it was prepared, all of us were big fans.

The sweetness of the coke and the sweetness in the blue label definitely bring out the best in each other, harmonising perfectly to bring out the best tasting components of both, while still somehow finding a way to let the blue label remain the star in each and every sip. It honestly tastes like you are consuming a wondrous kind of fruity syrup, which still can be identified as scotch through the quiet and nonabrasive notes of smoked oak, select spices and maybe even a slight nutty/hazelnut flavour. The main flavour most prevalent above all in each sip is the fruitiness, most identifiable as orange. Interestingly, when compared to many other with coke combos we have tried, blue label and coke completely maintains the fizziness of the coke and doesn't sustain much of a watery flavour through the amalgamating the coke and scotch.

We 100% recommend giving this a try, assuming you are prepared to splash out just based on our word alone, but believe us when we say this is spectacular. Though we also won't be offended if you stay true to the tried and tested method of drinking fancy scotches and enjoying it neat or on the rocks.



Obviously, blue label isn't something you are going to drink regularly when you go out, unless you are killing it at life and have stupendous things to celebrate very often, or you have recently joined the millionaires club, so we aren't going to tell you it's something you should drink it all the time. Blue label will certainly be more of a reward drink, or something you'll splash out for while you're tipsy, easily persuaded and ready to grab it while it's on special during happy hour at TGI Fridays. It is definitely something you need to try at least once in your drinking career. Still we would probably recommend more for a fancy night over anything else, such as a celebration of a big achievement or even a milestone birthday.

Though we can appreciate how amazing blue label is neat (and don't get us wrong, it is absolutely perfect neat) we definitely recommend giving it a go with coke. It is a unique experience that you need to try. The only way you'll find out how you enjoy it most is by trying the options available to you: if you're more of a classic scotch drinker, you'll probably still prefer it on the rocks or neat, but if you usually drink scotch with coke, why stop just because of the price tag? So give it a go! Just remember no-one can tell what you're drinking once it's mixed with coke, so why not drink what you want!



  1. It smells lovely and similar to the shot. It tastes smooth and less abrasive than the shot (though the shot was pretty easy to drink as well). Pretty much just as good as the shot, however with this amount of coke a hazelnut flavour appeared more prominently.
  2. This was where the alcoholic found his stride and this was the one for him. It has kind of a watery smell at this point. It remains heavenly smooth and it tastes alright. Key flavours are the orange fruity syrup flavour and a honey like sweetness. Bubblez preferred the one shot of coke alternative to this one.
  3. To quote the alcoholic: "that just tastes like the bar test and I love it!" It does however, have next to no smell. It tastes velvety smooth and much like the bar test, but appears to be missing a special something that the ice seems to add to it. It doesn't quite have the full flavour it did in the actual bar test. We couldn't quite put our finger on what was deferent, but it definitely loses something without ice.
  4. Sweet and syrupy best describes the four shots of coke sample, the blue label is still able to remain the star of the show, unlike other drinks which disappear under the coke at this high level of dilution, which is impressive, but you probably don't need to dilute blue label this much unless you really want to try and make it lastly rationing it out and diluting it with liquid so you can taste it for as long as possible. Once again, the ice seems to make a substantial difference, use ice when you have blue label and coke - just do it, you'll thank us later. It still tastes excellent, but after tasting the bar test, we knew it had potential to be better. Once again, the four shot test really seems like a waste for blue label, but it does still taste very nice.


$200 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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