Johnnie Walker Green Label

Johnnie Walker Green Label

You know Red Label & Black Label; you most likely read the review and were surprised. Well here's a strange one!

Note: This is not "Island Green" that you may see in stores this is simply "Green Label"


The Shot

As Bubblez mentioned in his Black Label review (that you can check out: here) there is a lot of similarities between Black and Red but here's where that changes, Green Label was a big difference to what we all expected. The smell was immediately very potent and almost assaults your nose. The taste is very bitter, almost sour and the burn was worse than Red. Plus, the assault to your nose is quickly up for a repeat attack. Bubblez was reminded of sea salt and a faint taste of forest fruit, while the rest of us couldn't find any sea salt flavours the forest fruit taste was there if you looked hard enough. 

Both Arti and I were quick to dismiss this shot but Bubblez stuck with it and did mention that nursing it for awhile did improve the taste. Potentially try letting your green label air for awhile before giving up on it like we did.


The Bar Test

At first taste this was a very pleasant drink to sample and as someone who doesn't mind bitterness I could see myself polishing off a couple of these drinks at a bar. Initially, we thought it kind of taste like Black label with coke; however upon further sampling and inspection it really isn't at all. It was much more dense but manages to still be better than the shot.



For the adventurous among you who are a fan of scotch and want to try something that you might not be able to find in any store or bar. If you can potentially buy a smaller bottle to sample then lash out on some more if it's something you find yourself enjoying.



1. Taste likes a sour warhead with the same polarizing taste as the shot. Arti was a fan and found the fruity taste much easier to taste.

2. I was a much bigger fan of this combination. It was sweeter but the the taste was much blunted.  

3. The smell is much weaker and the taste is leading closer to that of coke. The tastes of the scotch is brought out a bit and a fruit after taste is left in your mouth for a bit.

4. Smells disappointingly like water and tastes like coke. If you look harder you may find a sweet and fruity after taste but I suspect a lot of people wont.



$65 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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