Jose Cuervo Especial

Jose Cuervo Especial

The Shot

For a lot of people out there, tequila is a dirty alcohol which burns and isn't pleasant in the slightest. If you consider yourself to be one of these people then I urge you to reconsider for this: Jose Cuervo Especial Tequila Reposado has a taste that will cause you to be in a state of bewilderment. This lovely Mexican juice is satisfyingly smooth with almost no burning sensation at all. Personally, in my experience with tequila, there is almost always a quick burn to wake you up. The closest thing you have to a burn for this however is in the aftertaste where it will feel like the tongue was burnt but it wasn't. It's odd but the rich tequila taste doesn't make you complain. The smell of Jose Cuervo is also pleasant and doesn't give you memories of the last time you had a big night out with tequila.


The Bar Test

Mixing this with coke tastes delicious. The smoothness of the tequila has been added to the coke to create this sweet new flavour which just works. Besides from some remnants of the Jose Cuervo flavour in the aftertaste you wouldn't think this was tequila mixed in with the coke at all. 



This tequila is an awesome smooth shot and is equally as awesome mixed with coke at a bar. So, if you're out for drinks this will go down well either way you have it. Try and give it to your "I'm never drinking tequila again" friends and see if they change their mind about it.



1. The tequila smell returns! The taste is not great. The one to one ratio of coke and tequila and somehow made both drinks worse.

2. Better here at this point but not pleasant. Smell isn't as potent either.

3. Smoothness and coke. Tasty starts here. 

4. Mostly coke at this point. If you're here then you've gone too far. Go back one space.



$40 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.


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