Jim Beam Black Cherry

Jim Beam Black Cherry

For people who have been reading my reviews over the last few weeks will know I have had the unfortunate pleasure of reviewing a lot of things that ranged from meh to repulsive. For May I wanted to make sure that the majority of the stuff put through is something that would appeal to the most if not all people. With that being said lets take a dive into this crazy spin-off!


The Shot

Much like it's brother Jim Beam Apple the immediate smell of cherry is a refreshing change of place to what our noses had to summer through lately. It took Bubblez back to the days of testing Absolut Rasberri and how the smell tickled his long nose hairs. The taste confirmed out noses suspicions as an overwhelming sweetness flooded into our mouths, for me this was border line sickening levels of sweet, reminding me of trying undiluted cordial (think liquid Kool-Aid for the Americans out there who don't know what I am referring too). While there wasn't much of a cherry taste due to the overwhelming sweetness we all found that a long lasting cherry aftertaste remaininder after the slight spark of alochol burn towards the end.


The Bar Test

This is going to be unfortnately short due to the fact that there isn't many ways for me to describe to you "Cherry Coke". if you have had this limited time flavor of coke before then you can imagine what this taste like, if you haven't than pretend the fruit got boiled down to its sweet essence and infused within coke. Lets be honest here though, you all saw this coming from the moment you clicked the review.



Similar to Jim Beam Apple, if you like the taste of cherry flavored drinks you will love this in both shot and mixed varieties. However if you consider yourself a experienced and passionate whiskey lover you will likely find this a shock to your carefully adapted taste buds and even an insult to what you consider "Whiskey".



1. It's cherry, it's the shot with a hint of coke. No real surprise

2. A step in the wrong direction, a worse combination than the prior ratio.

3. The coke really started to drown out the cherry taste which is the whole reason to buy this drink so I would probably avoid this and maybe aim for 2.5 : 1 ratio instead

4. This is just coke. Don't do this unless you want to waste something.



$36 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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