Smirnoff Vodka

Smirnoff Vodka

The Shot

Immediately upon smelling Smirnoff it reminds you that it is indeed a vodka. In the past we tried a number of the different "gimmick" versions of Absolut which were clearly designed to give the taste of what they were named after. While Smirnoff have a lot of the same varieties today's review is on the clean simple version.  

The difference being that is stood out from the others we had tried in the passed, best described as a stiff fragrance that packs a swift jab to your nose hairs. Staying true to its smell the taste boasted a bitter after taste and what your average adult would consider a medium intensity burn. I expected to be wincing due to the weird taste vodka has lead me to expect however Smirnoff smashed my low expectations and shot up my personal ratings.


The Bar Test

I found myself taking multiple sips when sampling the bar test, initially it was to get a better understanding of the flavors however soon it evolved into enjoyment of this beverage. Reminding me of a weak jack and coke, the initial coke taste followed by the distinct punch of the Smirnoff was a great combination. While the still bitter aftertaste didn't offend my taste buds and the rest of the team found themselves agreeing and noting their fondness to this drink as well.



As I mentioned for all the vodkas we have tried in prior reviews, I found Smirnoff by far my favorite. If faced with no other option to pick a vodka to drink with coke I would chose Smirnoff. 



1. 90% nothing with the next 10% being a smooth aftertaste. Like drinking the void itself

2. Nothing: featuring fizz! Essentially the same as the above combination

3. Similar to the bar test, vodka taste is only found in the aftertaste

4. Diluted coke followed by the fun, fun fun....nothing taste



$36 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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