Bundaberg Original U.P. Rum

Bundaberg Original U.P. Rum

The Shot

You get a waft of this as soon as you open the bottle and to be honest it is instantly recognisable as not only Bundaberg, but as a rum. The Bundaberg or "Buddy" variation on the rum smell gives it a lovely cringe effect on your face. Still in the classic rum style it give you the sensation that you're on an island, which is always pleasant. The colour is possibly the style point of this shot though, looks pretty spectacular.

Taste wise, you feel the bad boy as soon as it graces your lips, it shocks the system and by golly, you know it has entered the building. For the first few seconds you regret your decision, but that is followed by a subtle euphoric moment or two when you taste something almost pleasant, until you swallow when you start to regret your decision once more. That's just the beginning, this bad boy has some length and refuses to leave like a bad house guest, so buckle up you're stuck with this for a while. If I had to describe the flavour - my best bet would be to say what the smell suggests it would taste like, but with a very unpleasant alcohol burn taste. As a plus side there isn't actually that much alcohol burn - somehow it just tastes like it exists without giving you that harrowing experience. Blunt flavour, maybe with a petrol kind of taste. Don't think I would tell anything to drink this straight, unless I wanted to make their life a little harder. 


The Bar Test

Don't stress, this is definitely drinkable with coke. Would I choose it over almost any other run? No. But if I was given it I would finish it, if I was broke I would order it and if it was the only rum at the bar, I would probably drink something else.

The smell is a lot more refined, it definitely smells like rum, but for some reason the scent is 100% identifiable as a Bundy with coke. There's just something about Bundy, which you have to give them credit for as it makes them unique. It does make the coke taste like it's flat, but that's cool, so many other spirits do that as well. The chill and the coke combo gives the Bundy some flavours, mainly identifiable as vanilla and spice I guess. It is quite smooth, which is surprising given the shot. Worth a cheeky go though, get some Aussie rum in ya!



Wouldn't really recommend drinking at all, but if you are looking for something that may be found in the house rum section, sure do this to yourself. I would strongly advise drinking it with coke as the bar test was where this bad boy tasted the best. 

Overall, it is a pretty good drink with coke, but there is certainly a lot better options for dark rums out there.



  1. Same smell as the shot, similar taste to the shot as well. The coke helps to make it sweet and make the painful experience of the aftertaste more brutal and lingering.
  2. Smells the same, not brilliant for drinking purposes though. It is much sweeter though.
  3. The smell hides itself a lot by this point, which is lovely because by god it can get abrasive. Much smoother taste, classic Bundy flavour making an appearance. The aftertaste has a lot less length to it, which is an almighty plus.
  4. Definitely drinkable at this point, very similar to the bar test.


$38 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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