Bärenjäger Honey Liqueur

Bärenjäger Honey Liqueur

The Shot

Bärenjäger, or Bear Hunter as its English translation (I know, pretty cool name right?), is a vodka-based honey liqueur from Germany. It's as sweet as honey too. Incredibly sweet. The liqueur itself is almost like a syrup as it's rather thick and has no identifiable smell whatsoever. There is also no burn regardless of the fact that it has a higher than average alcohol content for a liqueur with a value of 35%. So it will probably get you drunk fast if you don't watch yourself. The honey flavour itself will mostly arise in the aftertaste and will linger in your mouth for quite a while. This is probably one of the more interesting liqueurs I have tried before. It really does make you think that this is probably where the idea of honey-whiskeys were first originated.


The Bar Test

Normally for the bar test we pour coke over the drink being tested with ice and more often than not we find a completely new taste. However, for Bärenjäger, no difference in taste was found in the bar test. You could find a faint sweetness of honey syrup if you really concentrated but mostly tasted of coke. After drinking some more, we found that the the syrupy liqueur had not mixed with the coke at all due to how thick of a liquid it is. A much stronger Bärenjäger taste was then present. So moral of the story is; if you're mixing Bärenjäger and coke together, make sure to give it a good stir first to really fuse them together properly.



If you're a real sweet tooth and love honey then this is the perfect liqueur for you. Obviously, this is a liqueur, so typically would be used in cocktails. If you do find yourself wanting to mix this in with something else then make sure to give it a good stir or shake. Honey and coke can sound appealing at first but personally I think a better alternative would be Wild Turkey American Honey which has a very similar taste.



1. Smell is off putting. Tastes and feels like honey that is off. Minimal coke taste.

2. Better here after adding more coke. Still very thick with a sweet and lingering aftertaste.

3. It feels like that the coke and Bärenjäger are at just the right balance at this point but the taste isn't great. Be sure that the two drinks are mixed together properly.

4. Same not so great taste. But it does taste a lot better after adding some Bond 7 whisky.



$52 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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