Gentleman Jack

Gentleman Jack

The Shot

A drink for gentleman starts off with a potent oak fragrance that smacks any unsuspecting sir in the nostrils. Sampling the upper market whiskey yielded a dry woody taste that was quite easy to drink but drove any unsuspecting tasters to grimace. Upon swallowing we found that we were left with a warm tingle that resonated on our tongues and inner cheeks for quite some time after we had finished. Persevering with additional tastes yielded a faint sweetness that some of us could detect past the strong initial flavours.


The Bar Test

Immediately this concoction was much lighter than the standard Jack and coke experience. A smokiness was very noticeable in the final moments of sipping this drink which helped remind you this was indeed a Jack Daniel's product just for a potentially more sophisticated drinkers with marketing to match. Rather than the large label rapped around the bottle, Gentleman Jack has a simple badge in the upper center of the bottle cleaning displaying the product name. 

Back onto the topic of taste as mentioned we found it to be much lighter and mellow then it's more main stream counter part but with that came a level of wateriness that some may find bland and distracting. As for myself this didn't stop me from polishing off the bar test as well as the remaining liquid from the Coke-O-Meter which is a badge of honour in itself for Gentleman Jack (or maybe just a fancy lapel pin).



If your on the look for a more expensive, less aggressive Jack Daniels than Gentleman Jack may be the drink for you. It would also make a nicer addition to your whiskey shelf if that is something your fond of showing off to your friends or  dinner guests. For us at With Coke however we will just stick to the tried and true Old No.7 (8 times out of 10).



1. While nagging me the entire time I am obligated to mention Arti's continued efforts to push that Jack has a coconut smell & taste. For the rest of us however you'll find an oak smell and a sweet burst in your mouth that double crosses you on the way down.

2. A much better combination we found with a more musky taste and less opinion dividing smell that was hard to attribute to a single particular category.

3. The coke ended up tasting quite flat at this point with little hints of the flavors that had been thrown around in prior bar tests and Coke-O-Meters.

4. Taste like what you would expect to get from buying the premixed bottles of Gentleman Jack (Which shockingly is a thing that is available)



$53 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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