Grand Marnier

Grand Marnier

The Shot

Now the best way to describe this French liqueur is that it's a cross between Hennessy and Cointreau (cognac and an orange liqueur). Upon smelling this pale yellow coloured drink, you are immediately hit with a mild orange scent but it isn't as strong as what you'd expect for an orange liqueur. Tasting this will burn your lips but don't let that turn you off as the flavour itself is certainly lovable. It's smooth with just the right strength of orange flavour. It also has no burn to the mouth at all regardless of the fact that it has an alcohol volume of 40%. This smooth flavour leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling that will have you going back for more.


The Bar Test

The first impression of the taste of Grand Marnier with coke was a coke and orange drink. Sure it smells like orange tic tacs. But it's so much more. It's incredibly smooth and the taste seems to enhance when you hold it in your mouth. It's hard to really point down what this tastes similar to but my guess is that it's like fanta but with a lot less sugar and possibly with agave. It also leaves a lemon taste on your lips afterwards.



If the strong taste of alcohol is a worry for you then fear not; this drink is smooth and goes down easy even at 40% alcohol. Try it at least once if you have the chance and you will instantly know whether or not you like it. Personally I'm not a fan of alcoholic orange flavoured drinks but this is an exception. It may however be a hard drink to find at a bar but should be easy to find at a bottle shop so maybe save it for you next party? As a liqueur it will be great for cocktails if you're looking for a not so strong but smooth orange flavour. It feels like it could compliment tequila in a drink or potentially could replace it.



1. Normally a one to one ratio is bad for most drinks but it works for Grand Marnier. the flavour is strong with a cognac like smell. The aftertaste however is disappointing and unpleasant due to a single distinct flavour that hangs around that really doesn't work on it's own.

2. The flavour here has a slight change and is weaker obviously with the added coke. But it's still a good choice and the aftertaste isn't as bad since it's more diluted.

3. Not much of a difference at this point from its previous. It's a bit weaker with more fizz as expected from adding coke.

4. There's a lot of coke at this point but the flavour manages to cut through the coke regardless.



$50 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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