Bombay Sapphire - London Dry Gin

Bombay Sapphire - London Dry Gin

The Shot

I admit I was fooled when I bought this; I expected the gin would be tinted blue, however, as Arti poured it into the different glasses and cups I disappointingly saw boring clear liquid and the empty blue tinted glass bottle over on the counter. However unlike other clear liquids we had tried this one boasted a very pungent citrus smell that felt more like it was pushing on your nostrils then cutting through them.

My pride on the ability to hold back wincing from strong tasting alcohol was robbed from me in the split instant Bombay Sapphire touched the tip of my tongue, our faces screwed up into what I can only assume is the most attractive thing known to man (sarcasm strongly intended). It is worth noting that this wasn't caused by any sort of alcohol burn despite its high 47% alcohol content, it was more like the experience of sucking on a lemon or sour candy. Once we were able to get past that though the end of the drink was more like a flavoured mineral water and the sour taste lingered for quite a long time in our mouths potentially more than we would of liked.


The Bar Test

Interestingly the coke did nothing to dull the smell, Arti commenting on the fact that he would of assumed it was the shot had we blind folded him and forced him to tell us which was which. Despite the smell remaining the same, the taste had become largely replaced with the expected fizz and taste of coke with a slight pop of the gin at the end. This made the drink while not something I found myself finishing, much more tolerable to our taste buds and saving our faces from contorting again.



If you are on a really tight budget and on the look out for gin then Bombay Sapphire may be for you, it's also pretty easy to find if you're in a pinch. The high alcohol content may be a selling point for some especially if you can get your taste buds to get use to the strange flavours. 

In my personal opinion I would avoid taking this with coke; the sourness just isn't something I look for in a mixed drink however I could definitely see this being useful for cocktails that required something clean on the citrus-side of things.



1. Once again the smell remaining consistent and the small addition of coke left us with a fizzier, more watered down taste with a tiny sour note at the end. 

2. Still couldn't get rid of the smell however the taste was essentially just watery and sour, nothing else really stood out.

3. Stronger version of the bar test, this would make a good alternative for those who want some more punch to their drink or don't want to feel they paid extra to drink a slightly different version of coke.

4. By this point I think our taste buds got use to the taste however this was drinkable like the bar test with the sourness present.



$45 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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