VOK Blue Curacao

VOK Blue Curacao

The Shot

The scent of blue curaçao in its most bare form is that of orange and floral notes, but with an opening punch born of the fires of the alcohol in which it was created, which is impressive since it's only 20%.

As you bring it to your lips you can't help but sit in awe, as the beautiful sapphire or electric blue colour graces your eyes. Making you more excited about drinking it as your eyes feast. The second it hits your tongue you feel a taste somewhere between orange and blood orange mixed with a smoothing side of vanilla. Really easy to drink, but you can tell there is alcohol in it after you finish you consumption and you breath out what seams like a wisp of alcohol from you nose. A little bit of a bitter finish.


The Bar Test

Interestingly, the colour of the mix of coke and blue curaçao is mostly black with like a green tinge to it. As the scent tickles you nostrils you're instantly reminded of the smell of blue heaven, which is somewhat reminiscent of orange or raspberry mixed with a hint of vanilla. It very refreshing - similar to the relaxation you feel after sniffing rum, but obviously far more subtle and light than rum. Unlike the shot there is no sense of alcohol smell.

The most interesting part of this drink, is the initial taste is lemonade, not coke, not orange, lemonade. It's cool in the respect if you were blindfolded you would 100% think you were drinking lemonade until the aftertaste arrives. There are little hints of orange, very sneaky, very small, but its definitely there, with like a short lasting vanilla aftertaste that acts a few moments after you finish each sip.



Honestly, the best place for this is probably cocktails, but to be fair it goes really well with coke! If you're out with friends, but you have to drive home and as usual they are trying to convince you to sink a few beverages: this is a pretty safe bet. It's like drinking a lovely sweet kind of lolly water that somehow manages to make coke taste like lemonade! That's some kind of miracle liquid right there! But it definitely won't get you drunk or even tipsy very quickly, so if you plan on getting rowdy perhaps try something a little stronger. 

As a shot it is very easy to drink, if you asked us personally: we would probably only shoot it if bubblez was keen for more shots, but was having some tummy troubles from all the Jose Cuervo Especial he had consumed earlier in the night, but if you are after something that tastes nicer this is excellent by itself;f and even better in a cocktail shot!



  1. Interestingly turns the liquid into a translucent green colour, with bubbles fizzing throughout it. The smell becomes that of an oranges peel. The vanilla taste disappears and leaves mostly just an edge orange peel kind of taste, with a little punch on the end with seems to come more form the coke. Very easy to drink once again, definitely enjoyable.
  2. The colour remains similar, but gains like a black outline, while keeping the same smell. Strangely enough vanilla comes back and like takes the main stage on this one, with the orange becoming more of a blood orange flavour which is hidden more in the back. Once again very nice and easy to drink.
  3. Becomes quite a dark green colour, still mostly translucent and maintaining the black outline look, the smell becomes more reminiscent of blue heaven at this point. The fizz finally arrives here and this is the first time in the coke-o-meter you can notice the coke. Kind of tastes like a vanilla and orange edged lemonade.
  4. Smells like blue heaven and is now mostly black with a green tinge to it. Still seems mostly translucent. Basically just tastes like a mix of lemonade and vanilla with a very evident orange aftertaste.


$24 per 500ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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