Tia Maria

Tia Maria

The Shot

The Tia Maria bottle states that this is a 'Dark Liqueur' and in case you're wondering what that is, it's a coffee liqueur similar to that of Kahlua. This dark coffee drink is a Jamaican recipe that is produced in Italy, hence why this drink is tagged with two countries. The taste is like a sweet coffee syrup despite it being more of a watery liquid. There is also barely any alcohol taste so no need to worry about any burn. 


The Bar Test

At first, Tia Maria and coke just purely tastes of coke which was a bit of a disappointment. But! We gave it a vigorous stir which definitely helped mix the two drinks together. The taste again reminded us of Kahlua. It's a 50 50 split between coke and coffee. The coffee flavour is very potent and actually goes quite well with the coke.



You'll definitely find this drink to be appealing if coffee is your thing. Especially if an alcohol burn isn't your thing. It will essentially turn your coke into coffee which sounds better than it is. It's also incredibly cheap so don't worry about spending too much. Apparently this coffee liqueur also goes well with milk. We tried it and it's ok. We prefer it with coke.



1. It's like a slightly fizzy espresso. Caused The Alcohol to wince hilariously bad.

2. Very strong coffee taste which flattens the coke. Also hard to taste if there is any coke.

3. Close to the bar test at this point. The fizz is there and sends a shiver down your spine with the mixed coffee taste.

4. Coke tastes flat with a coffee aftertaste.



$37 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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