Teacher's Highland Cream Scotch

Teacher's Highland Cream Scotch

The Shot

Finally back to something closer to my normal tastes, this was our first encounter with Teacher's Scotch and I was curious how it would stack up to the variety of Johnnie Walkers we had tried a few weeks back. The smell that radiated from the shot set us up for what we knew was going to be a mini inferno of alcohol burn in our mouths, moving past that however we found ourselves some faint caramel smells (and taste which we were soon to discover). Taking a generous didn't carry a impact initially as the smell had suggested, it made itself known however soon after as the a bitter alcohol burning feeling was ignited that took a long time to quench. A noticeable absence was the warm feeling that usually remains in your mouth after sampling high burn alcohols.


The Bar Test

This mixed drinks really reminded me of Johnnie Walker Black Label in terms of it's more earthy and bold flavors. I found this combined really well with the coke which is something that I use to take for granted however with the latest reviews this appears to be not as wide spread as I thought. Not only did the two liquids mix well together but the flavors complimented each other. I am not sure about the popularity of this at bars and bottle shops but I don't regret my purchase with this one and I suspect none of my friends would either.



As I mentioned above I didn't mind this at all, if you bought this to the table and told me this is what you bought with my card I wouldn't feel ripped off. Also a good indicator I have found is what I am calling the "Did The Alcoholic Finish it?" test, for Teacher's Scotch I can say that: yes, I did indeed finish the bar test after we finished up for the night. In terms of the shot or neat I would avoid this for any type of night, potentially try on the rocks with a few drops of water.



1. Faint coke taste lowers your guard then BAM a right hook of straight scotch hits you in the pallet

2. Very bland and bitter towards the end. I was very disappointed with this one.

3. Typical upgrade we have come to expect for this ratio compared to the bar test for those who refer more alcohol in their mixed drink

4. Once again typical "taste like the bar test" experience. Wish I could say more but there isn't anything else.



$34 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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