Bond Seven Whisky Blend

Bond Seven Whisky Blend

The Shot

Finally we are back on the whisky train after a long detour in vodka town and this train has a big Australian flag flapping in the wind!

To the nose, the fragrance of smokey oak was warmly welcomed back as the blunt ethanol smell of vodka had become quite boring. Following enjoying the smell for awhile trying to identify other potentially smells hidden below the surface. Once I was sure there was nothing more to discover I let my taste buds have a shot at this dark amber liquid.

As unrefined as my pallet and whisky tasting skills are I could immediately see the sweet oak flavour. The difficulty in being able to sample other tastes caused by the quickness for the taste to dissipate across my tongue. A tiny spark of alcohol after burn despite lingering for a long period of time was easily tolerable to someone like me who is quick to wince when confronted with a long lasting burn. I would suspect anyone would find no trouble in shooting if you find yourself with excess of Bond Seven.


The Bar Test

If the attributes of the shot are something that brings a yawn or sigh to your mind then I suggest you go buy yourself some coke and mix yourself an expected winner. If sweet kickers and mellow oak starters are your thing then you are going to adore Bond Seven and coke. As I mentioned in my hyperbole prior sentence, the taste is quite like a medium thrill roller coaster (you're not hanging upside down or anything but you're getting a thrill none the less). The early to mid experience resonated with me as a mellow oak bitterness reminding me a lot of black label scotch but the climatic end was the sweet after taste that appeared to be coming from the whisky rather than the coke.

That doesn't mean the coke played no role in this fine combination of a mixed drink. The sugary sweetness served to enhance the sweet kicker from the whisky and the fizz made the early and mid bitterness just that tad bit more playful without taking away from the taste.



This was my first time even hearing about Bond Seven. If I had to be honest I don't think it would replace my one true love: Jack Daniels. I would defiantly pick it over most other cheap options. I suspect you won't find it many bars (if any for that matter) but if you see it on the shelf and it's in your price range I would pick it up and try it with coke, the shot experience is likely to be a take it or leave it for most people.



1. A more potent bitter taste throughout the experience. For those who aren't a fan of a sweetness to their whisky I would recommend this ratio for a much better kick.

2. Easier on the taste buds than the prior mix however still missing that sweet kicker but I found a very deep oak taste compared to the bar test.

3. The coke fizz played a much larger role than I think I would prefer. The deep flavor from before is replaced by the makings of the sweet upswing.

4. Similar in taste to the premix spirit and coke varieties available where it taste mostly like coke except for a fade away whisky taste.



$35 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Liquor World Australia, prices may vary.

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