Admiral Vernon's Old J Spiced Rum

Admiral Vernon's Old J Spiced Rum

The Shot

Rum has been very hit or miss for me in past events. My first exposure was a poorly made cocktail jug that had what I can only assume was old rotting fruit and a bad mix of juices and rum. Since then I have tried Kraken and recently Stolen. You may be wondering why I insisted on telling you this before I get into Admiral Vernon's Old J, well that was so you can understand how much I loved this rum.

Moving forward the shot smelled like a mix of cinnamon and toffee with a tiny hint of lime on the side, some might find this too busy and overwhelming but I would suggest sticking with it. Immediately you will find the advertised vanilla taste and a lime twist in the after taste with a small burn that wouldn't intimidate even the sensitive drinker. This is the type of shot that you would go up to the beach side bar and ask for in a coconut with a crazy straw then depending on your preference you could either sip it slowly or throw the straw to the side and down it in one go, regardless of your preference your in for a good time.


The Bar Test

With the coke added smell wise we were only left with the lime, the other interesting odors unfortunately disappeared over powered by the coke. This may be bleeding into the recommendations but I will make a bold statement: This was the best alcohol we have tried with coke in quite awhile. We were all blown away by how amazing it tasted, almost like it was made to be mixed with coke. As for a tastes the flavours reversed where the lime was found initially with the vanilla on the after taste. Words can't do it justice how refreshing and pleasant this is with coke.

Many would expect that the tastes of coke combined with all the combinations of flavours in the rum would be "overwhelming" or "muddled" and honestly I thought it would be the case when I read the bottle. While I am aware that this website is "WithCoke" it's worth a mention that I loved this so much and my mother happened to be in town. Now she hates coke especially with alcohol but she is a big fan of Southern Comfort and lemonade so I picked up a small can and fixed her half a glass of lemonade and Admiral's and it had won over as well. Goes to show that it can work for all ages!



I'll make it simple: buy this then go buy some coke. If your at a bar buy it at the bar, ask them to just sell you the bottle because it will save you a trip or two. If your going to have a summer party or want to spice up your collection with some rum then run to the store right this minute and buy some. If for some reason you don't have coke on hand then have no fear: chill briefly then enjoy neat. As for the Alcoholic test, as it currently stands I think there is about 1 - 3 standard drinks left in the bottle. I do not plan on sharing this with others.



1. Cinnamon and vanilla smell with the cinnamon on the initial taste. Watery more so then coke.

2. Similar smell, the vanilla is rounded out while lacking the cinnamon at the start it definitely has a spice to it.

3. Smell of a musky vanilla. Reminiscent of the bar test with a slightly stronger vanilla after thought.

4. Arti's nose detected citris / lime smells with whisps of vanilla. The rest of us struggled to find it however. As for taste the typical tastes mentioned above however I suggest licking your lips afterwards for a very sweet surprise.



$39.99 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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