Wild Turkey American Honey

Wild Turkey American Honey

The Shot

Ok so if you have never tried a honey bourbon before then definitely give this a try because it is smooth. I mean really smooth. You could drink this straight no problem. Straight from the bottle if you really wanted to! But anyway I'm getting ahead of myself. Wild Turkey Honey is pretty much what you're left with after mixing the original Wild Turkey bourbon with Bärenjäger Honey Liqueur. So essentially you're drinking a very sweet bourbon. Your first sip will be the sweet honey liqueur flavour right before the woody bourbon taste shines through which is actually quite pleasant. There's a reason why so many bourbons have a honey counterpart and Wild Turkey have done it right. 

If you do find yourself drinking this neat or on the rocks then you will find a slight burn to the tongue. This is the only burning sensation you're going to get when drinking this which is actually probably what to expect for the 35.5% alcohol volume it possesses with the added sweetness. Plus, as smooth as it is you won't be complaining.

Arti believes the taste matches that of lemon and honey strepsils but I like to think otherwise.


The Bar Test

American Honey has a bit of a syrupy quality to it so be sure to give it a stir when mixing with coke. The Bar Test seems to have almost no taste of the coke at all. I mean it's obviously fizzy but besides from the colour you wouldn't be able to tell what was used as a mixer. Altogether it tastes like a lemonade with the sweet flavours of honey coursing through it . However, depending on how much coke is actually mixed you may find it hard to find this honey flavour unless you let it linger in your mouth. 

The drink is still smooth after mixing it with coke so don't be afraid to give it a try even if you consider yourself to only have bourbons neat or with ice. I mean you're on a website called With Coke so you obviously must be a mixer kind of person.



This drink will surprise anyone who hasn't tried it before. People are constantly and instantly falling in love with American Honey especially if you've got a sweet tooth. If you know you're not a bourbon drinker then at least give it a try as it's certainly not the same kind of spirit you'd expect with the added honey taste. Our good friend and fellow reviewer, The Alcohol, dislikes the original Wild Turkey but thinks otherwise for this so there's proof.

Guys and girls will both like it plus with the little amount of burn it has it is very easy to drink. 



1. With a one to one ratio of coke and Wild Turkey Honey it tastes just like the shot. The coke is pretty much invisible besides from a small amount of fizz. 

2. Keeps the sweetness and smoothness but with a bit more coke on the side.

3. Not as syrupy at this point and the coke taste is actually doing something now. Similar to the bar test.

4. Coke with a honey aftertaste. No bourbon taste found here. It's good but you're losing most of the original flavour.



$42 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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