Sierra Gold Tequila

Sierra Gold Tequila

The Shot

Sierra Tequila is one of the more classic tequilas that you will likely find at pretty much any bottle shop you go to. That being said, it might not be the best tasting tequila out there but it's in no way the worst. Sierra Gold has the distinct tequila scent, which to be honest was expected, but it's not as pungent as originally thought. The tongue will burn a bit after downing this, but funnily enough it will not be the same for the throat. It actually goes down quite smoothly and leaves a warm feeling in your mouth. 


The Bar Test

A lot of people would say that mixing coke and tequila together is a silly idea but after taking the plunge myself I now know otherwise. It might not be the same taste but it's in no way bad.

For Sierra Gold that distinct tequila smell is still there in the bar test but it's more pleasant than before. Mixing Sierra Gold with coke has given it a more refreshing taste which is actually quite nice. If you were stuck on a hot summer day and all you had with you was this tequila and a bottle of coke you'd be happy. It is a little watery but the overall flavour won't make you complain about it. 



It's a basic tequila so it's cheap and good for shots. What else would you want in a tequila? If you are looking for more, it works well in mixed drinks (especially cocktails) and it comes with a fun little sombrero on top of the bottle. If the hat doesn't sell you then I guess tequila just isn't for you.



1. You smell coke rather than tequila at the one to one ratio. There's a really soft taste of the tequila itself but seems to bring out some citrus flavours. Personally, I was not a fan but Arti and The Alcohol liked it.

2. Strong tequila aftertaste here. It doesn't burn but you can definitely taste it unlike before.

3. This here is a coke with a side of tequila. The original tequila flavour is mostly diluted at this point.

4. There is a faint smell of tequila here but the taste is just a watery coke. There is no point to mix in this much coke with your tequila.



$42 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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