Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey

Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey

The Shot

The quick assault on the senses initially had us dreading the taste of this shot expecting a blast to the face. However once taking the time to smell it softly under the nose we realised our fears were unwarranted. The taste had no alcohol burn initially but when your think your in the clear a kicker comes from the shadows and robs your taste buds of their lunch money. The feeling that I was left with was similar to the beginnings of indigestion.

The Bar Test

Upon some research we were able to find out a lot more details about Tullamore Dew, we weren't surprised to find out that this was a very popular Irish whiskey second only to Jameson. Similar to it's rival the flavour was incredible mellow and easy to drink (which made it disappear quite quickly). Throughout the multiple tasting there was a mystery taste detectable especially in the after taste, after some additional research we were able to pinpoint a mystery flavor as blackcurrant, coupled with a cinnamon after taste that Arti's detective like pallet was able to pick up. These differences made Tullamore not just a "crappy" Jameson without losing the smooth mellow tastes that make Irish whiskey stand out.


Personally I would buy a bottle of this whether it was at a bottle shop or a bar, especially if I couldn't get my hands on Jameson. I don't think I would shoot this but that's just due to my preference of having it with coke, if neat is your thing your thing you will appreciate how light and easy it is.


1. It was very difficult to find anything describable about this combination. There really wasn't any characteristics to it.

2. Arti once again chimed in with "burchwood kind of smell" however all of us could detect some spice at the end while still being quite muted overall.

3. We wouldn't describe this as enjoyable it lacked the fizz from the coke and the punch from the whiskey. Hard to really tell where either of them ran off too.

4. All of the flavours moved to the aftertaste. No real whiskey flavour was present.


$46.99 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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