Mozart White Chocolate Cream Strawberry

Mozart White Chocolate Cream Strawberry

The Shot

It's pink, very pink just like a glass of strawberry milk. Not really much else to say, other than it does portray what you would expect from a strawberry and white chocolate cream liqueur. Consistently, it tastes exactly like strawberry milk. It's really nice. You could drink it for a long time, really easily. You probably wouldn't even get drunk. If you REALLY search hard, you can kind of find a little bit of an alcoholic tinge. Very sweet to taste, as you'd expect from a strawberry Big M. That's really all there is too it, pretty much exactly what you were expecting, but that is a good thing.


The Bar Test

The colour of the coke just disappears and fades into a light brown with strange wisps of pink around the sides of the glass. It looks like a weird, trippy version of an alien brain hemorrhage, except not as appealing. It has an oddly chunky, fizzy layer on top, which makes it a look little bit less pleasant. It tastes like a mix of strawberry milk and the strawberry medicine you had as a child, but with the qualities of coke, such as the fizziness and the sugary sweet taste. Interestingly, it doesn't taste lumpy, despite the way it looks.

As much as it surprised all of us: this works, it tastes really nice. We couldn't understand how, but the sweetness of the coke and the strength of the strawberry milk fit together to create something both unexpected and delicious.



Probably not for taking shots in public, as it is a little disappointing for you and everyone around you, since it does just look like you are taking a shot of strawberry Big M. If that's what you're after though, we won't stop you - go for it, it does taste absolutely amazing. 

If you're thinking of having it with coke, probably avoid clear cups and glasses to really reduce the horrifying results and try and avoid looking in the glass. It tastes good if you can dodge the look of it.

We probably recommend having this in cocktails or maybe just having it on the rocks if you feel like drinking a pleasant drink to relax.



  1. Not even slightly appealing from a visual stand point, but it tastes exactly like sweetened strawberry milk. Tastes a big of convincing and will power to drink, but honestly quite nice.
  2. Still has the visual appeal of strangely coloured sludge, slightly watery strawberry milk. Looks more like a stain you might find on the side walk on a Sunday morning.
  3. There's a strange doily of fizz draped over the top of the coke. At think point you probably got the picture, but it does in fact taste like sweet strawberry still. It's quite nice.
  4. Looks like someone cut off a nice, thick slice of spam and delicately placed on top of your coke, where it majestically floats from that moment onwards. Not overly appealing and pretty much tastes like sweetened coke. Gives you a really weird feeling when you drink it, not just fear and discomfort. You spend most of your time sipping on it, hoping to avoid the filthy looking floating spam looking situation. Probably not worth it, but it doesn't taste that bad.


$33.99 per 500ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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