Stolen Smoked Rum

Stolen Smoked Rum

The Shot

Interestingly, this simple, but bold and effective looking bootle suggests that Stolen Smokey Rum is best consumed neat or in a bourbon cocktail. Cool suggestion, but we can be the judge of that! As soon as this beautiful, toffee looking liquid found itself pouring from the lips of the bottle into our glasses, we were instantly slapped in the face by a robust, powerful and complex scent. Don't get us wrong, upon first sniff you are overcome by the scent of coffee, but don't worry - it doesn't stop there. A cavalcade of different scents, behind the coffee (which is more of an espresso vibe rather than a sweet liqueur style coffee smell) is a really cool heartwarming scent that we could describe best as smokey BBQ chips! More quietly there is a wide array of spices such as cinnamon and vanilla vibes more subtly creeping around, it is quite complex and dense so let us know what you find!

Moving on to the most important part of the shot test: flavour. Getting it to your mouth it easy since you feel like you're lying on your couch eating smokey BBQ chips and drinking coffee, but can the taste live up to these high standards? Simple answer? Hell yeah!  Upon passing through your lips you are instantly treated with a vanilla and strong coffee vibe, but this doesn't much like alcohol. Happily, you still get the rum vibe with the vanilla and subtle spices flavours such as a little bit of a rough taste we later identified as a wooden taste. This flavour profile completely transforms in the liquids journey from entering you mouth to swallowing. As it moves, a smokiness makes itself known, slowly ramping up until it dominates the flavour. Once the smokiness taste takes hold, the flavours explode into a a wonderfully homey taste of smokey BBQ smiths chips! It is literally beautiful and brought tears to our eyes. On the way down there is a mild tickle in the throat, that some may mistake for an alcohol style burn, but by this point you're keen to try more to bring back that smokey BBQ chips flavour, which kindly disappears within seconds leaving next to no lasting aftertaste.

Other reviews around the internet suggest that the harsher taste of this rum detracts from the quality, but we enjoy the way this rum grabs your attention and adds a bit of a homey vibe. Another bonus for this rum is its price tag, which is very cheap for the easy drinking and unique flavour that it offers.


The Bar Test

The scent of the rum is almost completely neutralised by the addition of coke and ice, essentially leaving this to smell like water. That's no problem though, that just leaves us with a surprise to experience when we finally take our first sip! 

The first impression you get as in enters you mouth is watery coke, but don't worry flavours appear, they just take their time to appear. The watery coke taste quickly ramps up to build a smokey flavour, less reminiscent of BBQ chips, but still nice. The taste ends by completely transforming into a strong espresso coffee taste which overpowers everything, including the coke. This is definitely one of the most interesting drinks we have mixed with coke! Throughout the whole experience there are spices popping in and out, such as vanilla, cinnamon and woody flavours.



To start, this lovely toffee coloured liquid is a nice addition to any rum lovers liquor cabinet. It's cheap, tastes amazing by itself and is incredibly unique. It's is really nice with coke and is a refreshing change from the normal stuff you have with coke since it is very unique. However, if you aren't a big fan of coffee or smokey BBQ chips, this might not be your cup of tea since the flavours are very strong and in your face.



  1. Mostly a smokey taste upon entering the mouth, a tiny bit of a coffee nudge appears after a few moments that disappears as randomly and quickly as it appeared. Smells identical to the shot.
  2. The woody flavour that the bottle spoke of, but we struggled to find really made itself known, but it is still politely rounded out by the coffee flavour. This is actually nice and easy drinking, definitely recommend! 
  3. Smell is 100% the same as smokey BBQ chips, trust us - its amazing! Starts as coke, ends as coffee jumping between the two in steps.
  4. You can taste the coffee from the start and it remains as coffee until you're ready to swallow. It then becomes a smokey flavour, which you feel in you mouth, throat and nose.


$42.99 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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