Ballantine's Scotch Whisky

Ballantine's Scotch Whisky

The Shot

Now before you ever do end up inevitably taking a shot of Ballantine's you should know that this is more of a cheaper blended whisky. It's also likely to be a house scotch at a bar and you really should not be shooting a house scotch. But this is With Coke! A place where we confirm whether or not you really shouldn't be shooting that house scotch! However, now that you know that about Ballantine's you shouldn't have your hopes too high for it.

So Ballantine's Scotch Whisky. It's cheap. Hence, the taste. It's nasty once it enters your mouth. You can try to find something more by keeping it in your mouth searching for flavours but it's still equally bad. Swallowing this continues the horrid taste and gives you an aftertaste of the same flavour that lingers for quite a long time. 

As you can probably tell, we are not fans of straight Ballantine's Blended Scotch Whisky. But that's why we like to add the drinks we have with coke! 


The Bar Test

Being a cheap blended whisky, Ballantine's is more commonly mixed with coke and as stated above, it may likely be the house scotch. So of course we're going to review this with coke. After tasting the shot earlier, this is definitely better. The coke has unlocked a unique flavour out from the Ballantine's and well, it's drinkable. Obviously not the best but it's drinkable. The ice also contributes to the taste so make sure it's iced up and chilled if you do find yourself drinking this.

It's easy to tell why this is a common house scotch. It's cheap and the quality is good enough to make people keep drinking it. That ticks both boxes for anyone drinking cheap.



Now as you can tell we aren't fans of straight Ballantine's but it doesn't mean you'll be the same. There are plenty of people who enjoy the taste of Ballantine's. Straight or with coke. Clearly, we enjoyed it more with coke but you should definitely give it a try to find out for yourself. However, if you're in a liquor store and not sure what to buy I would recommend you not pick Ballantine's. It may be a cheaper option but there are plenty of other scotch's that are around the same price range that are much tastier. 



1. If you want a horrible taste that nobody will like then you should have the one to one ratio of Ballantine's and coke!

2. An extra shot of coke added makes it taste better but only because it's steering away from the horrible straight taste.

3. It's beginning to taste like a proper scotch and coke at this point. Similar to the bar test. The after taste is pretty bad though unfortunately. 

4. For us, the straight Ballantine's scotch taste was bad. At this point the coke has diluted much of the original Ballantine's so we're ok with it.



$36 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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