Dimple 12 Year Old Scotch Whisky

Dimple 12 Year Old Scotch Whisky

The Shot

Not knowing what to expect, Dimple was on our radar from for some time but never really made the cut, that is not till now. The aroma is pleasant which was a good sign, the sweet caramel smell made us confident we weren't in stored for some evil concoction of death. Tasting confirmed our hopes as we were greeted with a smooth oaky caramel flavour (definitely not the level of smooth that more premium scotch offer). 

We were left with a warmth in our mouths that wasn't anything special but at least there was a minimal alcohol burn in the throat. The strange this was after having a few more tastes of Dimples due to the eterinity the after taste hung around, we found it was compounded more and more ultimately ending in a really unplesant bitter taste.


The Bar Test

Where Dimple stood out for me compared to other scotch and cokes is a noticeable absence of the bitter after taste that other scotches at this price range have. It's not that I hate this after taste but it's good to know there are scotches out there without it without having to spend large chunks of change. As for the tastes that it does have: there is a great balance of sweet and alcohol punch that reminds you that this is actually a scotch. While I use the word "sweet" this isn't some weird scotch where the sweetness taste almost like pure sugar, this sweetness is more refined and subtle.



This is a great options for those who don't want the bitter after taste without having to spend a ton more to get a more premium scotch. The bottle in my collection is definitely going to be drank when I am in the mood for a balanced scotch. Admittedly I am not sure how available this is at a typical bar as till now I haven't really had Dimple on my radar, that being said it's on my radar now.

For those who care about visual appeal the bottle is definitely interesting. The odd shape while standing out really makes it hard to fit in the cabinet and for some reason it was almost impossible to pour without spilling. The gold wire around the bottle will either come off as tacky and stupid or creative and different, regardless you can remove it if you dislike it.



1. Scotch plays the lead role in this combination. Coke provides a good amount of fizz making this a good option for those wanting a more traditional scotch taste.

2. A lot similar to the normal scotch taste with a more bitter taste to it.

3. Nothing much to mention aside from a slightly stronger bar test.

4. I struggled to find any taste of the scotch in this mix. Really was like watered down coke.



$41.95 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.



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