Jack Daniels Old No.7 150th Anniversary Tennessee Whiskey

Jack Daniels Old No.7 150th Anniversary Tennessee Whiskey

First, I just want to apologize to those who were expecting this review last week. I unfortunately got bogged down with other commitments and was unable to dediciate the time to this review that I wanted to. So I made the call than rather rush out a review on a product I was excited to do a review on

The Shot

On the nose the smell comes off as a much deeper oak fragrance compared to the normal JD smell which definitely made my mouth start to get excited. When it comes to taste I normally don't like to straight Jack Daniels so I was expecting a strong bitter taste in the beginning and end however this special edition surprised me. 

Despite the higher alcohol content it was much, much easier to drink, I found it to be smooth almost all the way through. I don't think it could be described as "sweet" but it really allowed me to hold it in my mouth longer than I have ever been able to with other JD varieties. Right at the end you'll find a more polite version of the normal after kick and a bitter after taste that hangs around for around 5 minutes. All things considered I found this way more enjoyable than straight JD.


The Bar Test

I have to admit that the rest of the team and I had tried this weeks before doing the testing. We didn't have much else left and required drinks to go with our Game of Thrones and Suits session. That being said we had already gone through quite a bit of liquor so it was almost like trying it new again!

Mixing it with coke provides you a much smoother JD & coke experience. It almost doesn't taste like JD, lacking the bitter taste towards the end that makes JD stand out from other whiskey. The lack of this bitter kick may leave many to think of this as "not JD" which is a valid opinion. There is also a new sweetness to the flavor that either is from the JD or the coke pushing through. it's subtle though, not overpowering like the honey varieties you can buy.



If you weren't a fan of the normal taste of Jack Daniels, especially if you don't like the bitter kick then definitely give this a try and you'll be able to enjoy a much smoother experience. The main issue I see with this drink is I would say there is almost a 0% chance of finding this in bars and I can't comment on how long this will be available on shelves in stores. I would definitely pick this up if you happen to find it, the bottle looks quite nice and the taste is great.

I was really surprised by the shot, as much of a fan as I am, despite how strong I may make my JD and coke I never really could get into JD straight (I can drink it but not really enjoy it). This on the other hand I could very easily drink on the rocks or chilled. For those of you who like to know what happened with the left over test drinks: I finished the bar test then combined all the Coke-O-Meter drinks into one and added ice followed by finishing off the shot. I was not letting any of this drink go to waste!



1. The coke is almost unnoticeable, it really only served to dilute the Jack Daniels.

2. Stronger on the initial taste but ultimately ended up feeling much like the bar test.

3. Similar experience to the bar test, the coke finally makes an appearance and provides some much needed fizz.

4. Unfortnately taste like a sweet coke with no real indiciation what the additive was is Jack Daniels.



$59.99 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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