Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey

The Shot

Compared to Wild Turkey:American Honey there isn't as much of a honey smell to JD Honey, instead you have the typical whiskey smell that you would expect from your normal everyday JD bottle. Tasting however really does provide a hefty punch to the honey that hits you right in your face, see this as a positive though as the whiskey is along for the journey just as much as you are and has no intention of sitting back quietly.

The most important thing to us that we believe sets it apart from other gimmick blends is it really taste like whiskey with infused honey essence rather than the mixing of two tubs of liquid and mixing for awhile till they can be bottled. You can tell effort has been put in to ensure that the flavours balance out and at the end of the day remain a whiskey.


The Bar Test

Typically in all the gimmick blends this is the part of the review where we say "it tastes like X flavoured coke" where X is what ever foreign liquor they have added to the whiskey, not today sirs, not today. While you obviously can still taste the honey you still can taste whiskey without being overshadowed or drowned out by the double sweetness of coke and honey. I wish there was more to say about this drink but it's simple (despite being a gimmick), smooth and easy to drink.



I would recommend this over American Honey, some will disagree and that's fine. I much refer having a taste that works together and doesn't taste forced or syrup-like. As for availability most bars with a decent selection stock JD Honey and it's easily found with the other JD products in bottle shops often for a reasonable price in both cases.



1. Small bitterness with a slightly dulled honey flavor and no fizz.

2. Sweeter and most likely the perfect ratio to combine at.

3. Begins to lose the honey taste resulting in what is very much like coke with a drop of honey in it.

4. Taste just like honey, not coke, not whiskey, honey



$49.99 per 700ml bottle

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The Ardmore

The Ardmore

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