The Shot

If you are instantly attracted to the peacock coloured bottle as I was you would've tried this at one point. If not then clearly you haven't seen the bottle before. Look at it! It's beautiful! 

Anyways, if you have never tried Pavan before and no absolutely nothing about it then fear no more! It's a French liqueur which holds the flavour of grapes according to its label. I suppose wine enthusiasts might like this drink. I'd say it does remind me a bit of a Moscato but no; when you drink this it is clear it is not a wine. That's not to say it's a bad thing. You don't exactly want a liqueur that taste like wine do you?

Unlike wine, Pavan will smell like a grape flavoured soft drink and you can instantly identify that it's sweet. Very sweet.  And yes it tastes as sweet as it smells. The flavour of this sweetness reminds me of eating green grapes but in a liquid form. With the added sweetness of course. There's not much of an alcohol taste to this when you're drinking it straight which makes sense considering that it is only 18% alcohol. Overall I can say I don't mind it. You're not going to get a punch to the throat from an intense sweetness or an immense alcohol taste so it can pretty much be drunk straight from the bottle. Oh, the bottle! Did I mention that this drink is named after the 16th century dance of the peacock? It's probably why it has the fascinating design and colours of a peacock.


The Bar Test

Being a fancy French liqueur; mixing this with coke makes it taste like a cocktail you would have at a bar. It's sweet and packed full of the grape flavour. There's not much of an alcohol taste to it and there's a good amount of fizz. So it's tasty and easy to drink. Just what you want in a cocktail right? I did find that the ice improved the overall taste. If you do find yourself mixing a sweet bottle of Pavan with coke then make sure you've got ice on hand or at least have it chilled. 

Comparing this with other liqueurs that we've tried, Pavan does seem to mix quite well with coke. There is no loss of flavour (assuming it isn't drowned) and the taste isn't completely overrun by the coke. I'd like to think that Pavan would be an awesome addition to a cocktail especially if you're looking for a 'green grape' sort of flavour.



If you're going to drink Pavan, straight or mixed, make sure it's chilled or with ice. Obviously being a liqueur it's ideal for cocktails but it is definitely drinkable straight on its own. This is for someone who enjoys a sweet drink and I wouldn't recommend it to someone who would prefer something with more of an alcoholic punch to it (unless it's mixed with something that is). 



1. The one to one ratio keeps the original sweetness overload from the shot but it overpowers the coke to much which begs you to ask yourself why did I waste that coke?

2.  There's a bit of a coke aftertaste at this point which gives it a shake. It's mostly the same as the above though.

3. This taste like a grape soft drink that is beginning to go flat. The grape smell also seems to have dissipated. At least until you really start looking for it.

4. This here is a grape flavoured soft drink. Congratulations! You can now sell it as your own new drink! (I'm joking of course, do not actually do it). But anyways, it's quite tasty and you should be happy if you happen to try it. 



$50 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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