Black Bottle Classic Brandy

Black Bottle Classic Brandy

The Shot

I can't tell if it's due to the mysterious opaque bottle but my immediate impression was that this brandy was quite a strong light gold colour. The last time I tried something of this colour I had to sample was sickeningly sweet and almost as thick as syrup. At first taste I was greeted by an initial sweetness and I began to fear the worst, lucky for me it quickly moved it a strong bitter taste that contrasted the sweet start.

In regards to alcohol burn it would best be described as weak to mild, those of you who aren't fans of burn. The other noticeable thing I found was a long lasting lingering bitter taste left over on my tongue that could prove to be annoying for repeated drinking. We don't normally talk about what the taste was like after trying it after the initial taste, however it is worth noting that the more times we tried this the sweet beginning became shorter and the the bitter taste became stronger. 


The Bar Test

The sweet beginning we experienced with the shot made it's return in the bar test however this time around determined not to end quicker than a career as a ballroom dancer. The coke provided the sweet wings lifting the sweetness of the brandy which resulted in an extended stay for the sweet start. All things must come to an end as they say and this is no exception, while it does last longer the bitter end, while weaker is determined not to be forgotten. Luckily there was no lingering taste that stuck around making subsequent mouthfuls a consistent experience.



I really found this quite heavy (see above for explanation on what I mean) but in a way it did remind me of my beloved Jack Daniel's just without the kick that I look forward too. I really wouldn't buy even at the price I paid, I just don't see a use for it and as it stands I plan to try and offload it onto unsuspecting drinking guests in the future. As for finding it in bars I really doubt anywhere will stock it let alone use it however potentially it could find it's way into some cocktails? Maybe?

Note: This is probably where I find out it's quite commonly available at bars and is used heavily in cocktails but I don't recall ever seeing it!



1. Quiet start with a middle that ramps up to a salted caramel taste.

2. Same start as prior test but with a much weaker middle.

3. Stronger version of the bar test, the lack of ice really let the brandy stand out.

4. Hard to really judge this test as all the other tests have stacked up on me compounding the lingering bitter taste, if I had to make a judgement I would say there was nothing special at this ratio.



$33.95 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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