The Ardmore

The Ardmore

The Shot

The Ardmore is a single malt scotch whisky from the great Scottish Highlands and has its own unique flavour. The smell of this Scottish single malt is like a campfire. So it's smokey. This is also reflected in the taste. There's a strong peat flavour and it's very pungent. Almost aggressive. If you concentrate you can also find a subtle sweetness added to the mostly smokey flavours. If that sounds like something you like then you should make sure to give this a try.


The Bar Test

Mixing this with coke for the bar test seems to have made a new flavour. Whether it's better or worse is hard to tell. It's musky. And punchy.  However, it no longer feels like a single malt scotch. So in a way it's almost like we never should've mixed the coke in the first place. But everyone is going to taste it differently so who know maybe you'll love it more?



If a strong peat taste sounds like your 'cup of whisky' then you'll definitely love this whisky. It's priced pretty well for a single malt too. Personally, I'm not a fan of the smokey flavour so I would steer away from this. If you're unsure about this and are looking for a single malt to try I would recommend you find something else. 



1. Still smokey on the nose here but somehow not the taste.

2. The alcohol is neutralised and is almost like a coke flavoured water. 

3. The original flavour is ruined. It taste like Johnnie Walker Black according to The Alco.

4. Coke with a side of musky smoke flavour.



$57.99 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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