Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey

Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey

Different to it's brother, the single malt, Teeling Small Batch have been further matured in rum casks for 6 months. So get ready for a tropical Irish whiskey!


The Shot

The initial taste of this interesting whiskey may burn your lips but it's the strange tropical flavours infused with the Teeling whiskey taste that will bring you back for more. It's sweet. You can really tell that it's been in a rum cask. Sweet and woody is how I'd put it. Plus it smells a bit like toffee. However, the aftertaste, starting with a burn down the throat, leaves a bitterness in your mouth that will linger for quite a while which feels like it ruins the flavourful ride. Drinking more may solve this issue :D .


The Bar Test

Adding coke to this rum-ful whiskey gives a sugary taste which is different to the sugars of the coke. You're still getting the same interesting flavours here on top of it but it's quite diluted. It also still holds a bitter aftertaste but it's not nearly as noticeable as it was when drinking it straight. As far as the bar test goes, it's good but probably just stick with having this whiskey on it's own.



As stated above, mixing coke isn't the best for Teeling Small Batch as you're beginning to lose a lot of the original flavour. Unless you're after a sugary tasting drink but maybe mix something else a bit cheaper for that. 

Definitely stick with having this whiskey straight. It's smooth and you'll enjoy trying to figure out the different tropical flavours it holds. If you're a rum drinker you'll probably appreciate it more. I'd say it goes alright for the what you're paying. Give it a try if you find it on special. 



1. Initially, this tastes good but eventually becomes your worst nightmare in a glass.

2. This ratio feels much more balanced than the prior. It's not as sweet but doesn't come with an awful downside at the end.

3. Smooth. Not sweet but no aftertaste issues either.

4. Diluted to the point where you wouldn't know if there was something mixed in the coke unless you really concentrated.



$59.99 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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