Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

The Shot

Sailor Jerry Spiced rum from the Virgin Islands US has an invigorating aroma which contains notes of vanilla with a hint of surprise. What that surprise is is up to you as it seems everyone has a different answer including cinnamon or caramel. But it's mostly vanilla so we'll stick with that for now. As far as the taste goes, this rum is smooth but it burns the tongue. There's a clear vanilla flavour to it but not too much to overthrow any balance. It seems Sailor Jerry has created a Spiced rum that doesn't go too far. It's not too sweet or spiced and hits a delightful middle ground that keeps people like you coming back for more. 


The Bar Test

To keep it simple, this mostly just taste like a slightly bland vanilla coke. Apart from that, the Sailor Jerry flavours have been lost to the coke so there's not much else to taste. Consider less coke if you're buying this at a bar (see the coke-o-meter below) or just keep it straight.



This spiced rum tends to be a hit rum for scotch drinkers looking for something different. This is nice to drink straight but if you do wish add in coke just ensure you have your ratio right as too much can ruin it and too little is mostly alcohol with vanilla. 

A lot of people may recommend drinking Sailor Jerry with either ginger beer or dry with a lime wedge which can be quite refreshing. However, here on withcoke, we don't test these ludicrous ideas. Fortunately, our wild cocktail corner is an exception to this and you can find more about that here!



1. As stated above a small ratio of coke and Sailor Jerry, let's say a one-to-one ratio to be exact will mostly taste of alcohol and vanilla. With complete with a spicy aroma.

2. This is just right. It's smooth. It's tasty. With a good hit of sweetness to it. It also smells fruity!

3. What you find here is the bar test. So a little diluted.

4. If you thought adding more coke would somehow make the rum flavour better then you are clearly wrong. It's diluted. Even more so than 3. There's no point in going this far.



$50.99 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.


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