Captain Morgan - Original Spiced Gold Rum

Captain Morgan - Original Spiced Gold Rum

The Shot

One thing we like about this drink is the bottle, the pirate style inscriptions on the glass, like the pirate ship and the crossed swords look cool and make it stand out, while the label is another classic pirate style and pretty piece.

As soon as you open the bottle, your nostrils feel the instantly recognisable mix of vanilla and caramel usually identifiable with rum, but somehow also so unique and identifiable with captain morgan. It seems to smell rich and syrupy - like something you might want to out on pancakes. Once in the shot glass the scent of the alcohol becomes noticeable, maybe even potent, but it still smells sweet. The colour really is golden, which is lovely and really makes it stand out. 

Once you taste it the first thing you'll notice is a bit of bitterness, which is followed by a caramel goodness. It quickly disappears though when you swallow it leaving you with a weird cough medicine-like flavour that you just can't get out of your mouth. It isn't bad, it has a moment of euphoric goodness, but the rounding out of flavours isn't ideal. Hidden in there somewhere is a bit of  woody flavour which might be to a degree where the bitterness comes from. You could drink this by itself, but you probably aren't drinking to enjoy what you're drinking if you do... unless you bloody love cough medicine and munching on lemons, while occasionally putting honey in your mouth.


The Bar Test

Even the bottle toots "the legendary captain & cola" which is just Captain Morgan, coke and a lime wedge - so the signs are definitely possible, this is a drink we all know and it does have potential! 

Once the coke has been added the powerful alcohol scent evaporates and is replaced with a weak and airy vanilla and caramel combo. Their is a watery backdrop to the scent. You can kind of recognise it as the rum scent at a backpackers bar... remember this is a pretty cheap rum.

The rum itself is hidden to a large degree by the coke and goes down very easy. There is still a slight woody bitterness from the rum, but it is mostly a caramel flavour hidden behind the coke base. There really isn't that much else to it, you get what you expect with this one - it tastes alright and goes down easy, but there are better rums that you could drink if you'd like to enjoy yourself more. Adding that bit of lime cuts through the bitter flavours and leaves you with an even easier to drink smooth caramel lolly tasting beverage. Definitely worth a drink, but probably wouldn't pay any more than $6-8 at a bar... you could do better!



Probably don't drink it by itself, unless you hate yourself, but if you're looking for a rather inexpensive rum to drink on a night out with coke - this is the rum for you. Don't spend too much on it and probably ask for that slice of lime, but it is very easy to drink and goes down very smoothy. Uni students rejoice!



  1. Still burns the nose with that turpentine smell, you can still smell caramel. Initially tastes like coke, then caramel, then vanilla, then soft medicine. It's actually quite nice, already very easy to drink.
  2. Alcohol smell gone. Mostly smells like vanilla. The captain morgan really just disappears into the coke, but in this one the bitterness doesn't. There's a bit of sugariness at the start and it is finished with a caramel taste... no real medicine finish which is nice.
  3. Smells mostly like vanilla. Very easy to drink, the captain morgan is hiding a lot, but you get the caramel and the sweetness it brings in the background. This is probably the best one - it tastes similar to the bar test, but a lot sweeter and just as easy to drink without any bitterness.
  4. Hey, this coke smells funny and tastes flat.


$33.90 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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