Thunder - Toffee Vodka

Thunder - Toffee Vodka

The Shot

I will be honest I bought this because of the name, I thought "Thunder" sounded cool and it could make a spectacular review image (I haven't made it yet but expect lightning and storms obviously). So it clearly states on the bottom, with very little other text that it's a "toffee vodka" had me expected another poorly executed gimmick vodka where they poorly mix a taste with vodka and pretend it's unique. Upon cracking open the bottle (of which there was a decent amount of dust) and taking my first smell I was happy to be presented with a very strong toffee aroma, on top of that it smelled like real toffee not some combination of random chemicals designed to mimic toffee.

With this in mind I took my first sip and the taste followed suit and tasted very similar to coffee syrup - like the stuff you put on ice cream or milkshakes, not just in terms of taste but also consistency. Once I had moved on past the memories this taste brought up and increased my desire to have ice cream I realised that I could barely find any alcohol burn and it was actually very easy to drink - assuming you can handle drinking something so sweet. 


The Bar Test

As like every other coke with vodka - you will either taste coke with the gimmick at the end or you will taste watered down coke, so really the question is which one does this fall into?

I am happy to report that you will experience coke for 85% of the drink without it being watered down much at all followed by a strong toffee after taste. This made it extremely easy to drink despite other sweeter tastes being horrible with coke. In my notes I had mentioned that I intended to finish this drink however once I wrapped up the testing I really wasn't in the mood for more sweetness.



Like every other vodka with a special taste or flavour, it's a gimmick and as mentioned I bought it because of the name. As you probably could tell I didn't mind this and I can see me getting my friends to try it once or twice as a "Hey come try this, it's pretty interesting" but neither myself or any of them would drink a full drink of this stuff with coke. That being said it is really really easy to shoot so possibly can make for some party games.



1. No coke taste at all, very much tastes like the shot.

2. Still the majority of the taste is the toffee flavour but it's began to get some of the fizz from the coke popping out.

3. The coke flavour starts to pop out now but still maintains the toffee after taste for at least 40% to 50% of the taste experience.

4. This is mostly like the bar test, not much more to say.



$67.99 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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