Halyard Grain Spirit Fine Whiskey

Halyard Grain Spirit Fine Whiskey

The Shot

Lets be honest with ourselves, in past reviews Australian whiskeys and bourbons alike have not had a good showing. So it's a tall order for Halyard Whiskey to change the trend and become the stand out for our beloved country! It's a bad start that I couldn't get any information on this online what so ever and I tried for a good hour.

In terms of taste though now that I had no reference material aside from the cursive font on the bottle my initial impressions were a strong salted caramel that can almost be described as the "burnt" smell you get when your making your own caramel and you leave it on the stove a bit too long. 


The Bar Test

Strangly enough this had a really unique taste to it, it had none of the coke fizz or sweetness but none of the characteristics of the coke. It really felt like they all mixed together perfectly with the coke and somehow managed to create something completely different. Despite trying there is no appearance of the the bitterness above and oddly enough strangly addictive. 



Try it with coke once it's pretty cheap honestly (where you can find it). Some may really like the strange taste but I am guessing the majority of you won't be a fan. To be honest I don't intend to finish the bottle but I will defintly use it in future shots when people come over.



1. Very likely to a watered down version of the shot

2. The shot but this time with some bubbles!

3. The bar test, basically nothing more to say

4. Not coke, not the bar test and DEFINETLY not the shot



I honestly couldn't find this online at all let alone a price. What I can tell you is I paid around $28.99 AUD at a local grocery store.



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