The Shot

Malibu is labelled as being a white rum with coconut but is actually classified as being a flavoured liqueur. You'll find that it has quite a unique flavour that will be hard to find anywhere else and is often a popular choice for cocktails whenever the chance to add some coconut flavour arises. For those of you that are going to try Malibu straight or on the rocks, expect a refreshing and exuberant drink that will make you wish you were actually in Malibu, California until you realise that Malibu is actually made in Barbados. The shot smells like a sweet syrup. It's an interesting smell but unique which makes it easy to detect in any cocktail. For the taste, on its own, expect a coconut flavoured syrup from your childhood. There's no alcohol burn and it's tasty so try not to drink it all!


The Bar Test

Mixing Malibu with coke may sound like an excellent idea but it's sadly nothing special. Usually for mixing liqueurs with coke we find a sweet flavoured coke with an obvious flavour attached to it and more often than not it's surprisingly tasty. (Coke and honey anyone? Try Bärenjäger)

As far as Malibu and coke goes, for starters, there's no smell from either the coke or liqueur. It mostly just taste like fizzy lolly water if you can imagine such a delicacy. Whether or not that is a good thing for you probably depends on how much you've already been drinking. It's sweet but there's not much else to it.



"If you like pina coladas! And getting caught in the rain!..." then Malibu is for you. Caribbean dreams await you if you're drinking it straight or the appropriate cocktail. Maybe keep away from mixing it with coke unless you've got the right ratio (see Coke-o-Meter below). Even if you're mixing new things together, the Malibu addition can never hurt plus it's reasonably priced.



1. You can barely taste the coke at the one-to-one ratio here. You may as well be having Malbiu straight or on the rocks.

2. It's tasty here. Still quite sweet but at least you can taste the delicious Malibu.

3. It's beginning to become harder to taste the Malibu at this point. 

4. Coke with a dash of coconut if you're concentrating on the Malibu in your obviously coke-over-poured drink.



$28 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.



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