February 2017

February 2017

Alright, alright, alright, we've finally hit you with a full month of hard hitting alcohol reviews and let's face it, most of them were awesome! But February is over now and it's time to pick the top 5 that we saw come out this month! We've all voted and you clicked on your favourite reviews, let's see which ones faired the best:

This just in - Number 5:


The fairy fights back into the top 5. Green Fairy Absinth beautifies our lives once again in fifth place.

The Alcoholic himself struggles to handle the mighty roar of absinth at all, he hasn't improved, but it's good to see everyone appreciating the value of a good absinth. Much like Dabel, Green Fairy Absinth is a godsend if you're looking to get trashed, but unlike Dabel, this is still a fun addition to any night where you are looking to get a beautiful buzz going. The unmistakable green liquid has oh so many great qualities which get it onto this list; but we can be sure that its power and linseed / liquorice taste may also be one of the reasons it didn't make the top.

Don't worry absinth lovers, we may just have to sneak another absinth option into the lineup next month!


Falling into fourth place is:


The Irish treasure: Jameson Irish Whisky! Hidden in a leprechaun's pot of gold near you!

Most people know it, most of those people love it and why wouldn't you? - this is one of the smoothest, unaggressive, yet pleasant whiskeys that you'll drink. Usually a tier or above the house spirits, Jameson usually costs a dollar or two extra when compared to the cheaper whiskies you might want to buy to get drunk. Jameson is worth it for that wondrously smooth taste that can be used for good or evil. You can power through these bad boys and get yourself in a state of inebriation which might take longer with a cheaper option that can cause a cheeky wince, hence slowing you down in the long run. Jameson can alternatively be enjoyed as a quiet and beautiful accompaniment to any night out, much like a cheeky mistress that needs no courting. Though amazing, Jameson failed to reach top spot this month due to a mix of tough competition; partially because it doesn't have a particularly standout flavour. Jameson is one of the most sensationally mellow whisky options we know of.


Fighting its way into third:


Possibly also the sexiest bottle we have reviewed yet: Deadhead rum sneaks into third place by the smallest of margins.

Edging out Jameson, Deadhead is one spectacular dark rum. A flavour profile full of vanilla, fruity, cocoa and Caribbean style flavours. It's just like sailing through the Caribbean, sipping away with not a single aggressive note in sight. The sensational sweetness definitely adds to this lovely dark rum as well. However, the main thing that oppresses the ranking of Deadhead is its lack of bar based availability. Perhaps a cheeky Kraken or Captain Morgan Black might be excellent replacements, but we can only hope Deadhead rum starts appearing more often!

Commanding second place:


Hitting second by a large margin over third place: Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 Tennessee Whisky. Both a classic and a staple. 

It's hard to look past the grandeur and wonder of Jack Daniel's. It's a classic that has been gracing our taste buds since 1866 and having its 150th anniversary last year in 2016. Possibly one of the most unique whiskey flavours out there; very easily identifiable and incredibly affordable. Most people would be surprised if you were able to say you'd never tried it. One thing I think we all need to agree on that in that classic Jack Daniel's flavour, we can all find a coconut flavour. Jack Daniel's can pretty much be found at every bar and usually share a price equal to or just above house drinks. But don't let that deter you, that just helps good ol' Jack bring more value to the table. Though Jack Daniel's is not a favourite to shot, although for the price, if you want to get buzzed quickly and cheaply it could be considered an option. Jack is immensely versatile in the respect that it can help you get blind on a big night or tipsy on a quite night. You could probably sneak it in on a fancy night, but you should accept the judgement that you have coming to you,


Finally, in this month's top spot:

Coming in at number one...


A close fight with Jack Daniel's, but perhaps due to its uniqueness and its randomness: Jim Beam Apple.

A unique taste of apple juice sets Jim Beam Apple apart from the rest, making it taste more like a fun cocktail rather than a hard hitting bourbon. At just 30% alcohol content, it isn't surprising that the sweet taste rules this drink. It is definitely an enjoyable drink that you could happily knock back glass after glass of. But to be fair, you would probably need to knock back a fair few to get drunk, so let's hope you have a sweet tooth. Another outstanding plus for Jim Beam Apple is that you can drink it in basically any form! Especially if you have a sweet tooth, you'll love it!

Jim Beam Apple receives bonus points for being the most unique beverage of our February selection. Followed perhaps by Deadhead rum and Teichenné Brandy, which most likely is what helped it reach the top spot of attention from viewers, Bubblez and The Alcoholic.

If there's one thing to take from this month's top five: it's definitely to find yourself a cheap bottle of Jim Beam Apple, pour yourself a glass with coke and see where the night takes you!

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