April 2017

April 2017

April represented a wholesome selection of alcohol, which seemed to centre around a large inclusion of liqueurs, though we still managed to sneak in some classics such as a few whiskeys! Vodka continued its appearance momentum with a few more big ins joining the collection. This month was very competitive for the top two places, with the top two drinks in a league of their own, can you guess which two they were? Every other drink posted this month clawed competitively to make its named heard in the top 5 for April, but only three  could do it, overall the winners could surprise you, they sure surprised the alcoholic. 

With that said, let's get into it.


Getting the ball rolling, we have 5th Place:

A classic taste with the guts to take out a win for the vodkas is Absolut Apeach! 

Well it struggled to beat the tough competition for the bottom place on the list, most notably finding its way to represent as the top Absolut vodka! A little hint perhaps for what else managed to top the list.

Need little peach with your coke? The review can be found here:

Absolut Apeach


Working its way into 4th Place:

You might've thought this would be ranked higher with the large number of bourbon lovers in the team, but here in fifth we have Old Virginia Bourbon Whisky.

Funnily enough it didn't top any of the vote bearing categories, with its somewhat Jim Beam reminiscent flavour it could've got far, but the top few deserved their places.

I'd love to have some coke with it though, check out the review:

Old Virginia Bourbon Whisky


Breaking away from competition for 3rd Place:

An impressive win for what many people consider a cheap substitute for Cointreau - Triple Sec.

Triple sec is a beautiful beverage, smooth, easy to drink and an absolute winner if you like an orangey flavour in your shot, cocktail or in your coke. Had the potential to be a top contender this month, but did fall well short of the next two bad boys!

How did it taste with coke again? Review is here to help jog your memory:

Triple Sec


Demanding 2nd Place:

The alcoholic may of hated it, but that won't keep this black raspberry flavoured gem down. Welcome Chambord to second place for April 2017.

I personally could drink this for days, I quite enjoy the stuff and I would recommend trying it if you haven't already. If you have tried it: don't let that stop you from letting it back into your glass tonight!

What better time to check out the review? Find it here:



Drumroll please...

Commanding 1st Place:

To the victor goes the spoils and though the race between first and second was tough, Southern comfort has absolutely dominated the rankings for April 2017, commanding nothing short of first place and the top prize. The sweet whisky liqueur fusion leaves a comfortable taste in your mouth that can be quite happily enjoyed. America definitely got this one right.

Check out the winning review here:

Southern Comfort


April has been a bit of a cute month for us with coke this year, lightening the flavour sensations with some wholesome and enjoyable liqueurs, which you could hear about with coke, but many of which could be found getting a little air time in the cocktail corner as well! With magical Easter chocolatey flavours, caramel flavours and many more making their statements in both the cocktail corner and the with coke reviews! We have brought back a number of delectable vodkas, snuck in some more cheeky bourbons and put a cherry on top with the king of the month Southern Comfort. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled as we start off May with a bang! Can you figure out the drink theme for May? 

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