The Testing Process

In order to produce the most accurate results and present them in an easily rebate way, in which you can just skip to the part most relevant to your situation, we divided testing process into several categories. Each category is carefully designed to tell you in a clear fashion, how we felt about the test subject in each of the most likely situations you may find yourself drinking them in. Our review process is split up into four basic categories:

  1. The shot test
    • This is where we judge the test subject by itself. We gauge the look and colour of the liquid, breathe in the aroma that it produces and then try drinking some - making sure to swish it around in the mouth for a bit to get a sense of all of the flavours the test subject may contain.
  2. The bar test
    • Perhaps the most important stage of testing. Here we setup a standard drink that you would receive, were you to order this perticular beverage from a bar. This includes the glass (old fashioned for dark alcohol and hall ball for light alcohol), filling the glass with ice, pouring in 30ml (one shot) of the test subject and filling the rest of the glass with fresh coca-cola. Once again we test the scent, look and taste of the beverage.
  3. The coke-o-meter
    • The most exciting part of the testing process, here we line up four red cups, each with one shot of the test subject in them. From left to right we put an ascending number of shots of coke in (one shot in the furthest left, to four shots in the furthest right). Where four shots of coke is a slightly lower amount of coke that you would receive in a bar bought beverage. We then try each subject, starting from the left (one at a time) and judge each one individually.
    • This process allows us to set a standard for where the test subject tastes ideal with coke, or alternatively, when the test subject becomes drinkable in some cases.
    • We believe that as each shot of both the coke and the test subject is equivalent to 30ml, that the coke-o-meter test can be easily translated to a coke to spirit ratio when drinking at house parties. For example, if we think that three shots of coke tasted great with one shot of a scotch: then the ideal ratio at a house party might be one part scotch, three parts coke (1:3), or the glass would be filled with one quarter scotch and three quarters coke.
  4. Recommendations
    • We collaborate our thoughts and opinions to decide what this drink is ideal for or whether we would bother buying it. For example: absinthe may be considered for a big night, a single malt scotch for a fancy night, perhaps a classic Jack Daniels and coke for a big/cheap night or reverse Jaegermeister shots if you don't plan on seeing the next seeing the next morning.

At the conclusion of the testing process, one of our team writes up the review (taking the other opinions in to account) from their perspective. Reviews are conducted with at least three participants.