1: Cointreau

Ever so competitive in on the views, pretty much at the top since it came out, cointreau is a classic staple that everyone enjoys! Works well with coke and even in a skittle bomb!

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2: Jim Beam Apple

Since this reviews release it has maintained its standing as another one of the most viewed reviews we have! Not only is it unique, but damn, it tastes good!

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3: Stolen Smoked Rum

One of the most simple, yet effective bottles we have on with coke and one that keeps going up in views! Its popularity has seen it become the newest review on the top 10 list!

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4: Southern Comfort

A sweet and easy to drink beverage, which looks pretty and tastes pretty much just like sugar. It has done quite well since its release.

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5: Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Probably the priciest drink on the list, but that hasn't stopped it from peaking our interest. To be fair it is amazingly smooth and beautiful to drink with coke!

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6: The Kraken Black Spiced Rum

Rum doesn't get much better than this, the kraken should be a staple in any rum lover's alcohol cupboard. If anything gives you the classic island feel you look for with rum, it's this!

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7: Gentleman Jack

It didn't take long for this drink to be seen and consequently loved, it flew into the rankings with ease as a fancier version of the classic Jack Daniel's we all know and love!

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8: Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire

The most cinnamon flavoured item on this top 10 list! This is another product of our good friend Jack Daniel's and by golly, he makes this one perfectly!

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9: Jim Beam Devil's Cut

An interesting smokey creation alla Mr. Jim Beam, which is quite a smooth easy to finish drink. Definitely worth letting your taste buds have this experience for themselves!

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10: Glenfiddich 15

One beautiful single malt scotch, well aged and beautifully coloured, what more could you ask for? Except to mix it with coke!

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